Public losing their rights…

The public are not wanted! It was recently reported the public could lose their right to have a say on oil drilling off-shore. Environment Minister Amy Adams is promoting a law change excluding the public from the process by making the applications ‘non-notified’.

It is no different on-shore. This year Cheal Petroleum Limited (Tag Oil), Todd Taranaki Limited, L & M Energy, Greymouth Petroleum Limited, Kea Petroleum, Origin, Taranaki Ventures Limited, and Shell Todd Oil Services have all been granted numerous non-notified consents to discharge contaminants to water, land and air across Taranaki. A further 29 non-notified oil and gas discharges have been consented for at Taranaki Regional Council Consents and Regulatory meeting just this week. They deem the adverse effects of drilling, fracking and producing from oil and gas wells on-shore to be less than minor unless your house is within 300m of the flare pit.

The controversial ‘Anadarko Agreement’ saw a ban placed on protesting at sea. It was for the public’s own safety. It was too dangerous to be closer than 500m to the off-shore wells.

Why is it alright for our families and communities to be less than 500m to the on-shore oil and gas well sites with their inherent risks and not have a say? Perhaps the government can put a ban on living and working next these wells and pay compensation for our homes and farms.

There is no social licence to operate.

The public need to be involved.