What I Stand For

The environment is the heart of the matter. Ko te mea nunui ko te taiao. There is a balance to be found between the petrochemical industry, on-going and sustainable dairying and the protection of our environment. Taranaki Regional Council is a key player in ensuring this happens.

I advocate for a Taranaki-wide plan for energy development involving all participants, including residents and ratepayers. I campaign for a transparent and accountable council that will send clear, honest messages about the state of our environment and meaningful commitments for improvement. I ask questions, particularly about oil and gas, because I support international best practice in operating, regulating and monitoring applied in Taranaki.

I have lived in Taranaki most of my life. I am a New Plymouth ratepayer. I have professional training and considerable experience in research. I have held various positions of responsibility in education, currently as Head of Technologies in a local secondary school.